Clear Tape – Hot Melt Adhesive


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Polypropylene with a hot melt adhesive (PH74)

This aggressive hot-melt adhesive adheres firmly and instantly to a variety of surfaces including corrugated cartons, it has an easy release and dispenses quickly enabling the user to seal more cartons in less time. Less pressure is needed when applying this product than when using the cheaper acrylic alternative .

Hot Melt Tape is robust, resistant and reliable, making it perfect for general packaging purposes where reasonable strength and resilience is important. Hot melt is a durable adhesive which has a quick, strong grab as well as higher shear stretch. It will continue to perform well under constant stress. This is the product of choice in fast-moving packing environments

With a total thickness of 42 micron, a quality 25 micron polypropylene film backing and a synthetic rubber resin, solvent-free, hot melt adhesive this tape will resist abrasion and scuffing and will mould over edges and rough surfaces for a tight seal. Available in both hand and machine rolls in a variety of sizes


  • Industry benchmark in quality box sealing tapes
  • Adheres instantly to a variety of surfaces
  • Good edge tear and split resistance
  • Good adhesion to fibreboard
  • Roll to roll consistency for reliable performance
  • Ideal for use on a carton sealing machine

£5.16 Per Pack Of 6

In stock

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